Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Kitchen Bitchin' and the Oven I'm Lovin'

Ug, I am soooooo tired of cooking in my tiny and crappy kitchen on a old ugly stove with burners that are lopsided and don't heat up properly! And everything (floor, appliances, counter, walls etc) is a bland cream color, it's disgusting. I'd show you some pictures to show you what I'm attempting to work with here but I haven't picked up the kitchen since Sunday night and it's not fit for eyes other than mine!

Just like we house hunt or job hunt online when we're bored with our living and work situations, I've been busy appliance hunting. I'm currently crushing on the Five Star Gas Double Oven with a griddle and 6 burners (TTN5107BW). Isn't it pretty?!!!! I told J that this could be my engagement ring. He thinks I'm joking.

I'm still picking out my fridge.

Oh and how come all the other food bloggers in the world seem to live somewhere with lots of natural light?? I'm very very jealous. My place is like a dungeon it's so dark. Even when I do cook in the daytime (rare since I'm a night-owl and vampire), it's a serious task to get a few pictures that don't look like they came out of a 1974 grocery store circular!


The Bargainista said...

Thank you so muc for joining the blog roll over at COOK IT, BLOG IT! I can not wait to see what the future holds on your blog! :)
--Nikki, The Grourmet Momma

Julie said...

I hear ya sister...I've got one of those stupid flat top stoves and I hate it with every ounce of my being. And my kitchen is the size of a matchbox. I should quit complaining and be happy to have a roof over my head, I know :)
BTW...I think your pictures are great.

Barbi said...

I sympathize, we are living with the in-laws at the moment and her kitchen is the size of a small bathroom with horrible lighting. The oven is gorgeous! I have been dreaming of the 48" Custom Sealed Burner Self-Cleaning Range - VGSC by Viking. Of course I would be putting it in my dream kitchen


AndreaQ said...

Barbi and Julie-glad I'm not alone in my tiny kitchen struggles! Thanks for the comments. Barbi that dream kitchen of yours is gorgeous! Someday, right?!

BFW (Tammy) said...

Hi Andrea,
Getting good lighting is VERY hard... and you can forget it if you only cook at night! That said, you CAN setup lighting for dark spaces (if you want to spend the money). Several blogs show you how to do it, including: http://mattikaarts.com/blog/technique/food-photography-2/ and http://steamykitchen.com/blog/2008/02/03/lowel-ego-lights-for-food-photography/.

I'm lucky, I have a sunroom with 3 walls that are all glass... so I generally bring my dishes out there to photo and use white poster board to help with the lighting. I'm STILL LEARNING though! :) Good luck!

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