Sunday, July 26, 2009

Patio Plant Progress

Long day of House Hunting! J and I saw 7 houses today, 3 that are in the neighborhood we want to live n and 2 of those we absolutely loved! (Omg, and one of the houses had a DeLorean in the garage! haha! Really! Just like in Back to the Future!) Not going to jinx anything by giving too many details or getting too excited but I'll update you as the process continues! It would be nice to have some land to actually plant my own garden in!

I'm just here to give a little update on my attempt at gardening via patio. After a ton of rain in June (seriously, we had like 4 days with sun all month), and more than usual in July, my plants haven't been doing so hot. They're still alive and I do have a few ripe fruits (the first of which were delicious) which I guess I should take as a positive. Haha. These pics are of the sungold plants.

Somebody is eating my basil. Hard to prevent it since the plant sits on the doorstep is surrounded by bugs since we have a light out there that turns on at sunset and off at sunrise each day. So it has lots of bites but the leaves are still edible. Chives seem to be struggling too. I've been snipping here and there when I want some and they are growing back but with a little less ooomph. My tomatoes have had a lot of bottom leaves turn yellow and get spots. Out of fear of blight, I've been cutting the yellow leaves/stems off as it happens in the hopes that if it's bacterial or viral it won't spread. I know that yellow leaves can sometimes just be from a lack of water, but I don't think that's the case here. Between my 3 plants, I probably have less than 10 pieces of fruit growing right now. I'm hoping they'll start to do better and I'll have a ton of tomatoes at the end of August.
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Chef Nash said...

Hey Andrea... nice reading your story planting, i m doing some planting projects too here n still learning tho... n i love the words 'food is love' liked it a lot... have a nice day... ;)

Tonya said...

Hi Andrea,

I wanted to stop by and see your blog. I feel like we have something in common with the garden desire issue. In my case though it is more dream...

Your efforts and work in those efforts I'm sure have helped you learn something no matter how small your garden happens to be right now. Best of wishes for an end of August tomato bounty to you!

Claire said...

Your patio garden has done better than mine! I gave up a few weeks ago. My zucchini plant was really flourishing for awhile, but then I think it got too hot here (I live in AZ). The tomato plant barely grew at all, so I'm going to do some research on when is a good time to plant here and try again. I won't give up yet!!!

Congrats on the tomatoes--they look great!