Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Shameless Plug Part 1: Shauna's Etsy Shop, Green Alligators

All photo's on this page were taken by Shauna Martone

I know I usually don't post stuff that's completely unrelated to food (unless it's about my HOUSE!) but for a while now, I've wanted to start a series of posts that give a little shout out for some good people in my life who are trying to run their own businesses or get projects off the ground. Everyone knows I love to review stuff (see my profile at yelp) when I love it or hate it so why not give a little boost to some people I know that are out there doing a good job.
The first is an Etsy shop run by my little sister Shauna. She's always been into arts and crafts, and sewing but since she had her daughter Madelyn, she has a renewed interest in making children's clothing, bibs, booties and hair decorations. She's a working mom who is going to school to be a nurse and is still finds time to be creative. I'm exhausted just thinking about it!

Check out her shop on Etsy if you need a shower present for a friend or if you have a little one yourself. Her focus is primarily girls stuff but there are definitely booties, blankets and bibs for boys too! She's selling a lot of really cute items at very affordable prices. The shop name is Green Alligators, named after my niece's favorite song.


My Little Space said...

These are beautiful artwork! Really cute.